Exotic Forms of Dance

Exotic Forms of Dance

Dance is a critical part of any culture. Most people have their own dance styles that are used to identify the people they are. There are many tourists who visit different places with the main intention of learning the different forms of dances. When one learns the different types of dances that are available in different cultures it is easy that they can also go ahead and learn the whole culture of the people. Different countries are also known to have different dance styles. Exotic dance, therefore, means that it is a form of dance that is practiced by people who do not live in your native country or professional Cincinnati strippers. These are some of the most common forms of exotic dance styles practiced all over the world.

The Tahitian dance

This is a dance style that is characterized by fast shaking of the hips. It is mainly practiced by the women. The dance style originated from Tahiti. Though one of the characteristics of the dance style is that there is no singing, the drums are used to produce a melody that goes along with the dance style. Many tourists have visited the region just to learn how to take part in the dance. When the dance style started women are the people who mainly took part, but over time, men have also started dancing to the tunes. When they are dancing, they make different gestures that have different meanings. The women make gestures of them combing their hair while the men make gestures of sailing and those that have a common relationship with war. The men show that they are ready to fight and defend their land while the women mean that land is the place where there are many beautiful people. This is a dance style that is used to show the culture of the people of Tahiti.


This is dance style that is mainly common in Brazil. The dancers put on clothes that cover the essential parts of the body. The word does not just mean that it is a dance style. It also shows that it is a type of music that is mainly common in Rio de Janeiro. This is one of the things that people who visit Brazil always want to learn. This dance style was started by the slaves who settled in the place. As a result of the dance making its way to the capital city of Brazil by that time it found a lot of fame all over the world. The place is known as the motherland of the dance style. It is a dance style that has attracted a large number of people all over the world.